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Saint Great Martyr Prince Lazar (id: 52)

This is the Icon of the holy, glorious and right-victorious Great Martyr Lazar, Prince of Serbia who was one of the Serbian noblemen who ruled the Serbian empire after the death of Emperor Dusan. He died for Christ's name. He is one of the most respected saint in Serbia. Saint Lazar, having been visited by an angel of God on the night before the battle against the Turkish powers, was offered a choice between an earthly or a Heavenly kingdom. This choice would result in a victory or defeat, respectively, at the coming Battle of Kosovo. Lazar, naturally, opted for the Heavenly kingdom, which will last 'forever and ever' (Perishable is earthly kingdom, but forever and ever is Kingdom of Heaven!) As a result, he perished on the battlefield. 'We die with Christ, to live forever', he told his soldiers. Soon after death Lazar was glorified. He holds his memorial church Ravanica Monastery.

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